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Grieving by elranuial
Here's my lunatunes entry this week if anyone wants some tunes. Two theme mixes, mostly indie:


that, or a shotgun
jossgod - by iconofilth

It's 04:31am. I've nearly finished the essay of doom. I have one more line to finish (the introductory sentence, as ever) and goddamnit I'm not going to bed until it's done. 

I can hear the damn birds singing outside.
Gots ta get me a slingshot.

wake n' bacon

It amuses me greatly that someone would wake up to this staring wooden pig face ever morning XD
And surely that much bacon can't be good for you...

Guiness relate the entire process of evolution just to get in a good punchline. 

March of the Emperors... as you've never seen it before.

In other news, I've been sick and lethargic since Tuesday. Which is making me all bad moody. Yesterday I stormed back to the flat in the type of bad mood that would be comical if I could look back on it - hair in dissaray, looking like a drowned rat, steam coming out of my ears type of bad mood. All because I thought I'd been terribly wronged to have to go to class feeling a little bit ill. Wow, I have a hard life o.O

Heroes is getting more and more like Lost every episode (and I mean that in a very negative way). I can't see how they're going to take the rather awful Nicki/Jessica storyline any further. It seemed so promising in the beginning... but really it's stupid and inconsistent. I like Mohinder though :9 So like Lost, I'll keep watching like the big hypocrite I am. Atleast BSG never fails me...

By the way, for Bill Bailey fans, has anyone seen his comment on Chris de Burgh on Never Mind the Buzzcocks? The mono browed nanny shagging toss monger got a well deserved retort for insulting Bill's beautiful, beautiful hair.

entry down below

Tree'd and Frog'd
Such a fun weekend. Went to somewhere-outside-Cupar with Taryn and Tree&Frog to saw wood lumberjack style and dig a vegetable patch around some chickens under the sunshine and eat organic homous and leek and potato soup. We missed you piratemoon!

French Office Guy Missage
Talked to him tonight over Skype and he was being lovely and saying things that made me miss him terribly. I hope he comes for New Year, because I'd like to show him how much fun travelling can be. It makes me less reluctant to go to Spain next summer, because atleast he might be around more often. Maybe I could live somewhere on the borders ^^;;

I'm dressing up as a mariachi player called Pedro, and may or may not have mustachios. And maracas. 

Still in love with.

Rogue's Gallery
Downloaded the new 'Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs and Chanteys' album from itunes with tracks by the likes of Nick Cave (!!), Rufus Wainwright, Antony Hegarty and Ed Harcourt. It's so much fun.

These are three of my favourites for your downloading pleasure:
Fire Down Below - Nick Cave
Dying Sailor to his Shipmates - Bono
The Mermaid - Martin Carthy & The UK Group

I have not done any, and it's nearly 10pm.



nothing's gonna change my mind
This is the only car I could ever get enthusiastic about.

step aside zen, welcome meh

I am so in love with Tahmoh Penikett that I photoshopped myself into his arms.

Help me.

(Though can you really find fault in someone who's willing to be a celebrity jedi chef?)

Seriously though. The Battlestar Galactica Season 3 opening was so frackin' toasty. Can. This. Show. Get. Any. Better? It raised so many morality questions that my head almost imploded.

In other news:

- Youtube link to the trailer for the new Terry Gilliam movie, Tideland

- Amusing cell from the Married to the Sea comic

- I would pay a hundred pounds for this to happen to me

- do a great MP3 of the day to gift your ears

Everything is boring me exceedingly at the moment. I don't mean that in a materialistic way, I mean EVERYTHING. The entire world. I wander around town with a glazy look in my eyes and a general state of disinterestedness. 

God, I'm an ungrateful little cow.

So... I'll keep you updated on that.

Pan's labyrinth
sheeta - by fiery_agni_kai
Here's the new trailier for 'Pan's Labyrinth'. I hadn't even heard of it until I'd read in fantastic Mr Gaiman's journal. It's what I want every movie to be.

By the by, there's a bigger sample of the gorgeous gorgeous soundtrack on the French movie site.

this is me trying
Despite the actual work being horrific in its pointlessness, I was kinda sad to leave on Friday. I'll miss Scottish Office Girl and Scottish Office Guy. I really clicked with them, and they were both so down to earth and we had so many laughs together and... well, I wish they were both coming to university with me. That would be hella comforting.

Hey piratemoon, did you see the post on Neil Gaiman's journal about the Sea Chanty cover album, 'Rogue's Gallery'? So freakin' cool. NICK CAVE! I am so into Nick Cave lately. And William Shatner. I also uploaded some music onto my Multiply page, so everyone should be able to download it from there. You should especially download 'Carbon' - a Tori Amos cover by a school choir. It's rather lovely.

Look at these pictures from the 'Adventures with Form in Space' exhibition in Sydney. Don't you just want to throw yourself into them and float?

Angst warning
sheeta - by fiery_agni_kai

I've been wanting to write a new entry for a while, but I don't know exactly what I want to say.

I feel really sullen tonight. I'm worried about going back to classes. And I'm worried that I'm going to lose contact with two people I really care about. And I'm worried about my new flatmates, what if I'm the odd one out? I'm worried that I'm going to be me for the rest of my life and never improve myself.

Though I suppose if that's the worst of my worries...

I don't think I want to go back to university so much anymore. Now that... Anyway. I got offered a full-time job at work, but I refused it because I knew my parents would murder me. But they're also going to murder me if I decide to drop Spanish. If I can't keep up I'm going to dread every class, and I just don't want to feel like that anymore. It's so awful. I hate feeling so stupid all the time. I wish I was free to make my own decisions and not have to worry about repercussions. Everything is so easy at work... I feel confident and I know what I'm doing and I know everyone there and I never, never worry about anything.

Angsted myself out.

*big sigh*

xie xie ma lin

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{"Being in love was like China: 
you knew it was there, 
and no doubt it was very interesting, 
and some people went there, 
but I never would… 

I thought: 
I want to go to China. 
It’s full of treasures and strangeness and mysteries and joy."}

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